Pop Rock Dance Bands
We have built a legacy on discovering and nurturing young pop rock bands to become headliners on a regional, national and international level. You will find that each one of our bands have their own personality and niche that sets them aside from the pack. Our bands pride themselves on their musicianship, on and off stage personality and professionalism. Please click on "view profile" for more info, mp3s, videos and more.

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Bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and subtle artistry to his music, Jayy looks forward to communicating with his audience on an even more personal level. Even a casual listener to his songs knows that won't be difficult to achieve.
Digital Getdown
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Digital Getdown connects and motivates the audience to keep the energy and dance floor going. Leader/Frontman Danny Nogo rounds out the front line who excite crowds with their renditions of the dance club hits and classic party rock songs. Their style and swag along with a choreographed stage slow and unique High Definiteion LED screen makes Digital Getdown an instant favorite!
Emily's Toybox
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Now more than ever is the time to check out Emily's Toybox, a band centered around one of the most charismatic, engaging frontmen ever to touch down on venues from Key West, FL to Killington, VT! Mike is now centering his zany and engaging shows around some of the newest songs, medleys and antics involving audience participation more than ever!
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M80 continues to grow their musical repertoire of the best dance party hits from the 80s to include some of the best mashup, pop and rock tracks of today. M80 is fronted by the multi-faceted Jane Train, who has made appearances on TV shows Law & Order, Ugly Betty and most recently on How To Make It In America and Bryan Harmony, a consecutive winner for the Lehigh Valley Music Awards.
My Hero Zero
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If you are looking for a band with an impressive track record, look no further than My Hero Zero. Beyond the thousands of students and visitors who see the band at PSU, they have had successful rebookings throughout 10 states including several appearances at the famous Bottle & Cork Jam where in 2015 they will headline the PSU Alumni Weekend in Dewey Beach, DE.
Nowhere Slow
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With unwavering energy and top notch musicianship, Nowhere Slow has it all. Every song soars with spot on vocals, harmonies and arrangements. Playing the songs of today, while throwing in the classics, Nowhere Slow ensures everyone will be on their feet!
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The nucleus of this band was formed as students at the University of Delaware and boasts not one but three driven unique front people. Jared, Chrissy and Marques are all ready to give you a taste of the best in pop, dance and contemporary party rock songs. With members of POWERi coming together from PA, DE and MD, this band has the repertoire, geographic reach and drive to be one of 2014's big success stories.
Shake Shake Shake
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Hailing out of State College, PA from the campus of Penn State, Shake Shake Shake has been growing and developing legions of loyal fans through their weekly residencies and exciting performance at the globally recognized event, THON. They have an incredible medley/mashup repertoire with a "Bruno Mars" type frontman in Tim Carty which led to shows in over eight states over the last two years!
Simple Genius
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Simple Genius is a fun, energetic and eclectic band hailing out of the heart of Philadelphia. This five piece band prides itself on the professionalism and level of musicianship they bring to every song. From Stevie Wonder to Coldplay and Bruno Mars, Simple Genius have the chops and personality to engage audiences and create an undeniable vibe.
Sparks The Rescue
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Sparks the Rescue is ready to take on their new alter ego with their charismatic, exciting national band show with over six hours of Cover Music at their disposal. They have already demonstrated a great rebooking pattern and were selected to play Sloppy Joe's Spring Break Week in Key West!
The Wild Ones
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It was only a matter of time before the animals went wild! The Wild Ones stay current with all the hits from Katy Perry, Pink, Usher, Flo Rida, David Guetta, Ke$ha, Calvin Harris, and many more top 40 pop, dance and rock artists. The Wild Ones are nothing short of Fun, Wild, and Energetic. They'll make your party unforgettable because, "We are The Wild Ones!"
Tricky Dick & the Cover-Ups
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With an undeniable repertoire of close to 200 songs, Tricky Dick boasts four lead vocalists with fun personalities and musicianship, a visually compelling intelligent light show and have been together over 3 years consistently playing 200+ dates a year.
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Unlike other bands of the time, UUU exploded on to PA music scene in the 1990s playing a wide variety pop, disco and party music with a ton of charisma and authority. They quickly established themselves as one of the top draws around playing throughout the Mid Atlantic region and are now currently playing out an exclusive schedule of incredible, entertaining shows for loyal partying audiences who only want more!