Pop Rock Dance Bands
We have built a legacy on discovering and nurturing young pop rock bands to become headliners on a regional, national and international level. You will find that each one of our bands have their own personality and niche that sets them aside from the pack. Our bands pride themselves on their musicianship, on and off stage personality, professionalism, and interacting with fans on social media. Please click on "view profile" for more info, mp3s, videos and more.

*Entertainment listed below alphabetically

Emily's Toybox
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A loyal fanbase of over 10,000 FB likes continues to drive this unique band behind the legendary party master Mike Wise! A reinvented lineup and an updated repertoire of new pop hits, modern country, novelty songs/dances and greatest rock classics keep this band among the best!
Flowers For Taco
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This band recently grew to 6 members with addition of Keyboardist/Guitarist/Vocalist Joe DiMarco! Performing a contemporary repertoire with a dynamic duo up front who are distinctive in their own right, charismatic and unique. With over 2300 Facebook likes, this Allentown, PA band is turning heads and building a loyal fan base!
Gypsy Wisdom
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A very popular Mid-Atlantic marquee band with over 4300 Facebook likes plays pop-rock, dance hits and greatest hits of the 2000's! Fronted by the exciting and engaging lead vocalists Courtney Jansen and Joe DeNoble.
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Kat Dillon, an established standout star on the circuit, joins longtime co-front person Bryan Harmony as the new female vocalist. This PA Award Winning Band with 13 prestigious awards has now upgraded with new Star Power, New Songs & New Faces. This is the original M80 often imitated but never duplicated.
My Hero Zero
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Supercharged with 2 dynamic frontmen, Jason O & Donovan O'Rourke! PSU?s #1 Band has turned thousands of millennials, including 8500+ Facebook likes, 2600+ Twitter followers, and 2500+ Instagram followers, into fans!
Nowhere Slow
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Straight out of Scranton, Pennsylvania, this band is a favorite at House of Blues in Myrtle Beach and Sloppy Joe's in Key West, to name a few great venues. With great musicianship, stellar vocals, and over 3000 fans online, Nowhere Slow is always booked back.
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Nonstop sets of imaginative medleys & mashups brand Shake3X as a unique band where the energy never stops & the dance floor is always full. With 2600+ social media followers, PSU pub residencies, and a 3rd THON performance, this State College band is building a loyal following.
Sparks The Rescue
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With over 160,000 Facebook combined social media followers, Sparks has fans all over America. Their cover band alter ego is winning new fans and this national act has a deep repertoire and all of the experience which guarantees a great event!
Steal The Sky
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This powerfully moving Mid-Atlantic Marquee band tops themselves and adds two new exceptional members. Alyssa Lee, a riveting and charismatic lead vocalist and Eliot Reisz, bassist/3rd lead vocalist drives a fresh new songlist of Top 40 Dance, Classic Rock Hits and medleys!
The Jason Dumm Band
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Just signed hot, driven, New Blood led by front man extraordinaire Jason Dumm! This band features former musicians from National Acts and the debut of an incredible 21 year old guitarist adding to the band's moxie. 4100+ followers give The Jason Dumm Band an active social media presence!
The Wild Ones
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Fronted by the energetic Chrissy G, The Wild Ones are nothing short of fun and wild! This sure fire hit packs venues and dance floors along the East Coast regularly!