Band Submissions
If your band is interested in working with Media Five Entertainment, fill out the following application. This form is to benefit both you and Media Five Entertainment by providing us with a deeper understanding of what you, your artist, or your band has to offer. By filling out this form, we can better determine how to help you. If you would like to submit a bio, CD, DVD, video or other promotional materials, after submitting the following application, please mail your promotional materials to:
    Media Five Entertainment
    Attn: Band Submissions
    3005 Brodhead Road Suite 170
    Bethlehem, PA 18020
Please be advised due to volume of submissions, we will only reply to bands we are currently interested in.

Before you begin filling out these forms, please ensure you have general information group, as well as information for each band member, if applicable. Fields with an asterix(*) are required, although we strongly suggest filling this form out as completely as possible.

For prompt consideration, please include all social media links and any live, studio or other performance content in the form of mp3 or video!

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