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Listed below find immediate openings updated 3 times a week as of:
March 16, 2018

General Availability
Bands are normally booked 4-6 months in advance and even longer for private and corporate events. Availability changes daily. Contact us immediately to ensure availability.

Friday, March 23
Kevin Miller's Smashed, Light Up the Moon, 70s Flashback
Saturday, March 24
Emily's Toybox, Jason Dumm Band

Friday, March 30
Steal the Sky, Flowers for Taco, High Five Swan Dive, M80
Saturday, March 31
M80, My Hero Zero, Steal the Sky, Emily's Toybox

Friday, April 6
Flowers for Taco, M80, High Five Swan Dive, Gypsy Wisdom
Saturday, April 7
Light Up the Moon, Kevin Miller's Smashed

Friday, April 13
HunkaJunk, Kevin Miller's Smashed
Saturday, April 14
Flowers for Taco, Tritide Band

Friday, April 20
Steal the Sky, M80, Shake3X
Saturday, April 21
Kevin Miller's Smashed, Tritide Band, 70s Flashback

Friday, April 27
Gypsy Wisdom, M80, Steal the Sky
Saturday, April 28
Steal the Sky, Kevin Miller's Smashed



Memorial Day Eve, Sunday May 27
Emily's Toybox, Jason Dumm Band, High Five Swan Dive, Light Up the Moon, M80

Independence Day Eve, Tuesday July 3
Emily's Toybox, Flowers for Taco, Gypsy Wisdom, Jason Dumm Band, High Five Swan Dive, M80, Shake3X, Smashed

Labor Day Eve, Sunday September 2
Emily's Toybox, Flowers for Taco, Jason Dumm Band, Light Up the Moon, My Hero Zero, Kevin Miller's Smashed, 70s Flashback

Columbus Day Eve, Sunday October 7
Emily's Toybox, Flowers for Taco, Gypsy Wisdom, Jason Dumm Band, Light Up the Moon, M80, My Hero Zero, Shake3X, Steal the Sky, Kevin Miller's Smashed

Band of the Month


2017 was Shake3X's most successful year to date and the band is looking forward to building on that momentum to carry in to 2018! Their upgraded lineup and revamped musical format now in medley form captivated and engaged audiences at 27 premier venues up and down the East Coast and they are showing no signs of slowing down!

The front line triple threat is led by renowned Philadelphia frontman/guitarist John Fisher, longtime favorite vocalist/keyboardist Tony Reichert and new guitar hero Derek Gertz from Jersey. With over 3,500 social network followers, both online and onstage, Shake3X connects with their ever growing audience.

The band recently recorded a live video at Joe Mama's in Morgantown, West Virginia. If you click here you can get a current read on Shake3X's stage show, updated Mp3s and song list.

Check it all out HERE!

Booking Winter, Spring and Summer 2018 now!

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